CooWe Coordinator

Social planning made simple.

A startup mobile application that combines chat and calendars to replace noisy, cluttered conversations and streamline the planning process.
My Role
UX Research
and Design
Adobe XD
Adobe XD
May 2019 - Present


In the summer of 2019, I began working as a User Experience Research and Design Intern for a startup called CooWe Coordinator, a mobile application aiming to streamline the process of social coordination.

This 9 month internship later turned into the role of UX Designer, where I have been working alongside a small team of knowledgable and talented UX Researchers and Design professionals. Our team follows agile scrum methodology, which requires tight communication and collaboration between the management, design, and development teams, located all over the world.

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My Role


A major component of my role includes UX Design, where I am tasked with sketching, wire-framing, and high-fidelity prototyping the user interface and interactions to improve existing designs. I am also responsible for packaging final designs and specifications for developer handoff.

In addition to this, I am working alongside two senior UX designers to create a responsive web-based application by scaling up our mobile app.


During my time at Coo·e, I have also conducted user research in order to identify user insights, needs, and pain points. This research included crafting personas as well as user flows and scenarios for various app features.

Through usability tests, think alouds, and semi-structured interviews, I was able to gather and analyze information to improve and refine our design to better-fit user needs.

Quality Management

I frequently communicate with developers to ensure that our design is being implemented to specifications. Our team performed a gap analysis for our product to determine how we could build our product to its fullest potential. We also created presentations and prototypes to demonstrate new product features to primary stakeholders.


Though I can't showcase my work during this experience due to NDA, I can say with confidence that this opportunity has pushed me to expand my design boundaries and broaden my skillset.

Main Takeaways

  • Never make assumptions, clear communication is crucial.
  • Always have reasoning to back up design decisions.
  • Collaboration is the key to inspiration.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help!

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